staff_nurse_andrea_writing_up_her_notesAn individual can get great help by visiting the Brynawel House. This is because it is an after surgery facility which delivers treatment for young adults, children, and adolescents from the age of 11 years. Recently, the premise was refurbished. Hence, it has been appointed for individuals who are accessing the service. Apart from that, educational facilities are available for people who want to continue with their studies without being treated in the hospital.

The unique attributes of Brynawel House

• Dynamic multi-disciplinary team and consulted led

• Unique, fully refurbished facilities which were design

• En-suite bedrooms

• A substantial outdoor space which comprises an orchard

• An innovative clinical practice

• Onsite parking

• Service specialists for both young and seniors who have eating disorders

• On-site educational facilities which includes: art supplies, IT equipment, and any other resources

Information about the Center

The Brynwel house delivers efficient and specialized programs in the treatment and assessment of young people. The clinical team is involved in all the procedures of administering admission to discharge. Through an outpatient arrangement, the specialist provides care. In fact, the clinical team regularly access both psychological and physical well-being. Consequently, it is committed to providing an intensive short stay programs. This is where families and the Brynawel team works together in providing both therapeutic and practical way of equipping the patients with skills so as to work towards going back to their homes.